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Joyful Abundance Gratitude Journal

Joyful Abundance

A Gratitude Journal Workbook

"I love it!!!"


Joyful Life lotus
Image by Kseniya Lapteva




Are you yearning for a private sanctuary?

Whether you're an introvert who loves to write in privacy, or an extrovert who loves to be out and about...

Hold this little journal close to your heart and make it yours.

Tuck it away in a private spot, or take it with you everywhere.


Let your dreams pour out onto paper.

Dive in to all that your heart desires and write it out.

Draw it, sketch it, doodle it.

Envision it and feel the energy flow!

A BRAND NEW, freshly launched gratitude journal, uniquely created from the perspective of Abundance.


Gentle guided daily prompts that dive into 30 aspects of Abundance enhance each day with delightful positivity.

It is a joy and pleasure to share this with you.

I hope it will inspire you each day, so you can bring your beautiful dreams and hopes to life.


PK Davies

1 Month Journal Color paperback $19.99

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What people are saying...

"Priceless. Powerful inspirations and encouragements - which evoke awareness, hope and resilience - triggering the potential for unlimited possibilities."


"Very in-depth! Unlike most journals, this one is full of different exercises and inspirational content to keep you going. It's beautifully designed and written."


"Cute little gratitude journal! This gratitude journal has been an amazing resource and helpful tool for my life. It has a beautiful style and lots of helpful prompts to get your gratitude journey going. There is no pressure to contribute daily but the style and suggestions have left me struggling to put it down! Cannot recommend it enough!"


"A joy of a journal! It is absolutely wonderful!
Light and positive, this journal provides ample excercises for self-reflection and for finding positivity every day with a good variety of prompts and space to write and doodle responses to those prompts.
The illustrations provide additional color and interest to the pages and really do create a sense of joy!"


"Beautiful journal! Joyful Abundance makes self-improvement a true pleasure! This journal is filled with vivid illustrations and inspiring quotes. There's plenty of space for reflection, and each theme invites you to think about life in a different way. If you're ready to make meaningful progress toward your goals, Joyful Abundance is a great place to start!"


"If you are new too a Gratitude Practice or to Journaling you NEED this!! Okay, even if you’re not new to either you will love this book. Great writing prompts, a pretty book and so essential for taking self-care time outs from our hectic lives. I also think it would make a great gift that anyone would appreciate and benefit from!"


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Joyful Abundance Gratitude Journal
Joyful Abundance Gratitude Journal
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