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The Law of Attraction Game Book:

28 Days of Love

"Wonderfully enlightening..."

MARISSA STAPLEY, bestselling author of


"Inspiring and packed with illuminating thoughts and wisdom to help anyone transform their life in just 28 days.

You’ll love the exercises and you will have a clearer vision of the life you desire and how to get there."


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Do you want more love, attraction and joy in your life?

The key to the Universe and to life is Love

This game will supercharge your ability to love yourself - not as an end game - but as the starting point from which to get moving on your dreams and contribute to Life! 

Discover simple exercises that will boost your self-love and self-esteem with only 10 minutes a day!

In the Game Book, I'll show you how to do this and how to lock it in!

You will change the way you see yourself...

Each day, you will experience yourself awakening, unfurling, coming back to life and accepting yourself as the whole, beautiful and potential-filled person you are!

And yes, we blast up a whole whack of love and appreciation while we're at it!

LOA 28 Days


"(P.K. Davies') nonfiction New Age self-help book, Law of Attraction Game Book: 28 Days of Love, offers a month's worth of inspiring and smile-provoking five-minute exercises.

As I read through this little gem of a book, I was struck by the imagination and love of life that went into each day's offering. The first day's subject alone had me thinking about things in an entirely new and positive light.

Law of Attraction Game Book: 28 Days of Love is most highly recommended."

Jack Magnus

"The Law of Attraction Game Book: 28 Days of Love is a self-help book for any reader who is strongly committed to transforming themselves into a better person. The author reminds readers that their beliefs and feelings generate energy and that when they harness this energy and focus on it, it moves them to the kind of action that shapes their life.


The question is: How is that done? That is what this book is all about. In this book, the author offers a roadmap that takes the reader on a self-discovery journey that lasts twenty-eight days, each day having a gorgeous and exciting offering, an exercise that helps deepen self-awareness, self-love, and the discovery of the potential and beauty we carry inside us.

In this book, readers learn to take themselves seriously and not to depend on others to reveal to them what they are worth. They will acquire secrets of discovering and connecting with their higher selves and to know who they really are and the impact they can have on the world.


This book is slim but powerful and I enjoyed the fact that the author focuses on what is essential, encouraging readers to seize the tools they need to create a healthy system of life and to take control of their personal growth.


(P.K. Davies) seems to understand just how we are wired to think and what it takes to break destructive patterns and beliefs that hurt us deeply, proposing a path that is accessible to everyone to become empowered, inwardly free, and responsible for creating the richness they want in their lives.


The Law of Attraction Game Book is the simplified version of what everyone needs to live lives that are fulfilling and free, no matter what they want to achieve. Inspiring and packed with illuminating thoughts and wisdom to help anyone transform their life in just 28 days. You’ll love the exercises and you will have a clearer vision of the life you desire and how to get there."

Christian Sia

“Wonderfully enlightening. I just loved this book. (Davies') writing style is inspiring, kind and gently persuasive. It feels like having a conversation with a good friend, and contained many lessons about manifesting and living my best life that I'm going to carry with me. Highly recommend!”


“I love this book. I am really enjoying the daily tasks, I look forward every day to see what is ahead for the day. I feel this book is making me appreciate my body and character.


I have read lots of books on the law of attraction but this one really holds my interest, it is refreshingly different, this is a book I will read over and over again until I feel I understand the tasks fully.”

Readers, AMAZON UK

“The material in this book is life changing. This book is a system, a way of life.”

JOSHUA CINTRON, Author & Publisher, Upon a Moonlight Kiss

Life-changing, inspirational and LOTS of fun!

“A wonderfully put-together book that focuses each day on a certain (and very fun) exercise to incorporate happy vibes and conscious creation into everyday life. The author takes us on a brilliant 28 day journey with tasks that are easy and non time-consuming to incorporate into our busy lifestyles. And did I mention they are really FUN?


There are also lots of little extras and a bonus section at the back of the book. Whether you are a newbie to Law of Attraction or not, there is plenty for everyone. I've been an LOA aficionado for a few years but P.K.'s way with words makes for a truly unique way of teaching... whose message comes to us right when we are ready as students. Goosebumps to that!”

Isabella May, Author, Oh What a Pavlova!

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Paperback available through Amazon and bookstores.

eBook available on Amazon Kindle around the world:

Audiobook launching soon!

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