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About Us

Joyful Life Mastery is an award-winning brand dedicated to supporting mind-body-spirit, positivity, mindfulness and joy for children and adults. 

PK Davies is from England and lives in Canada with her family.

She has a degree in Psychology & English Literature, is a voice artist and author, and practiced as a homeopath for over a decade.

PK Davies loves the "modern" Law of Attraction - personal development fuelled with action.



We are a Canadian publishing brand, passionate about creating beautiful books that celebrate Life.

We offer daily power-hour manifesting, mindfulness books and gratitude journals, uplifting activity and handwriting books for children, and fun and intriguing puzzle books and notebooks for teens and adults filled with positivity.

When we're not navigating the deep freeze up here in the ol' North, or thrillingly shouting "WHOO. It's a cold one, eh?!" you'll find us creating new and fun books to share.

We invite you to explore our site...



Now that the introduction is over, let's talk my friend....

You have dreams and goals...

Whether small, or so big and wondrous that you're embarrassed to share them with anyone,

I understand.

I see you. I honor that.

Not only that, I believe in you.

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