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The Fun Letter Tracing Book Series

Letters, Numbers, Words

...Includes Traceable Positive Affirmations!

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We all want the very best for our children.

We want them to succeed.

We want them to live a great life.

If you've been looking for workbooks that aim to support your child with the initial stages of penmanship, welcome to the Fun Letter Tracing book series!

Each section in these workbooks gently guides your child through practice so they can master writing different forms: Letters, numbers, words, sentences, uppercase and lowercase.

As your child progresses through each part of the workbook, their confidence increases.

The increased confidence they gain by learning how to master each step results in improved skills and satisfaction, all of which help them succeed in school!


What’s included in each workbook:

  1. 100+ tracing practice pages - Your child will develop their writing skills with each letter in the alphabet and numbers from 0 to 10. Each letter and number is matched with animal words in lowercase, followed by traceable positive affirmations.

  2. Progressive learning - Tracing with dotted numbers and letters that fade down every few lines enables your child to become more confident and proficient in their penmanship.

  3. A daily positive boost - Each heartwarming affirmation is given in both uppercase and lowercase so your child learns to master writing both cases.


  • Cute and happy themed pictures are sprinkled lightly through the workbook.

  • The fresh and clean interiors with vibrant pops of color are perfect for kids to color or draw on.

  • A convenient size: 8.5" x 11"


We know that starting school can sometimes be challenging for little ones.

Learning how to write is but one of many new things to master as they navigate new surroundings, lessons and people - and it can often be stressful.

With life being crazy-busy the way it is, we want to give them the best support we can, in whatever ways we can.

Here's to your child's success!

Black and white interior   $6.99

Color interior   $9.99

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