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 The Prosperity Game



 A Daily Wealth Boost

Change your relationship with prosperity


With the Prosperity Game SuperKit...

Align yourself with abundance

Craft your wealth vision, starting today.

And change your entire relationship to prosperity in 7 days!

This all-inclusive daily money mastery system and money mindset game includes:

  • The Prosperity Game SuperKit Playbook

  • The Master Excel Tracker with 9 done-for-you Trackers

  • 4 Game Bonuses that rocket-boost alignment

  • BONUS GIFT: The Master Your Money System

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Blend the manifesting power of the Law of Attraction Prosperity Game with highly effective money mastery.


Many of us know the unsettling feeling of not having enough and worrying about abundance.


The SuperKit will help you reshape how you see, plan and manage your money.


All in a positive and exciting way.

Set aside moments every day to consciously infuse joy into your envisioned life...


Imagine a life teeming with thrilling adventures and abundant joy shared with cherished ones.

With the SuperKit, you will direct your attention towards your dreams and goals.

You'll invest your heart and soul into contemplating your intentions, embracing the spirit of your generosity.

You'll craft a clear pathway illuminated by actionable steps.

Drawing inspiration from the teachings of Abraham-Hicks' Prosperity Game, the Superkit is a Law of Attraction-based financial mindset program.


It will help refine your relationship with money by fostering mindset and visualization techniques along with wealth planning.


Start your transformative journey towards financial mastery!


The Superkit will help you:

  • ​Clear up confusion about your money goals.

  • Focus on what you truly want.

  • Get motivated to chase your dreams with excitement.

  • Enjoy ultimate control in how you spend, save, invest and handle your money. (The SuperKit has unique ways to play the Prosperity Game that you won't find anywhere else.)

  • Handle your money better, even if you're starting with debt.

  • Organize everything to create a plan that fits your real-life situation.

Jump right into the activities.

The SuperKit isn't about getting rich quickly, although it certainly is about feeling rich quickly.

It's a daily practice that guides your mind towards abundance every single time you play.

In this Game, you'll have fun using your money to do amazing things, making a difference wherever you want so you can grow into your vision


Become a conscious creator...

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What you receive (Value $150)...

The Playbook


PDF with full instructions and Bonus eBook.

  • Change your old money mindset.

  • Discover and overcome the 6 most common mental obstacles about money.

  • For lightworkers, creatives, and artists, learn how to tackle your unique money barriers.

The Playsheets ​

A master Excel spreadsheet with 9 done-for-you trackers...

Classic Prosperity Game

31 days set up and ready to go!

  • Manage your game dollars and spend, save and invest abundantly.

  • Savor the experience and the moment.

  • Customize the Playsheet and use it over and over again.

Bonus Done-For-You Trackers

  • Track your short term and long term money goals and plan them as you desire! 

  • “See” yourself paying off your debts. Feel that relief! Use the PDF recommendations to start smacking down that debt.

  • Visualize and engage with your money.

  • Experiment with moving your money around like a savvy money manager.

  • Develop a short and sweet consistent practice.

  • Thank everything that comes in - and watch it grow! 

  • Keep track easily of your vibrational journey and your real-life manifestations!

  • Store all the new ideas that are going to RISE up like you won’t believe! 

  • Brainstorm your ideas and offerings of value.

  • Use the Quick Guide to decide which to start on first.

  • Keep track of inspired ideas that pop up that don’t require much or any money at all.

  • Use the EASY tracker trick to familiarize your brain with receiving and spending more money.

  • Powerful methods to ease into a "believer" mindset.

  • Upgrade your vision with the NEW EASY monthly version - it's prepped and ready for you. This tracker ALONE will get you moving forward quickly! 

  • Simply plug in your numbers and watch everything fill in for you.

  • Experience your money from different angles and aspects, so you can manage it with even more clarity.

And if that wasn't enough, enjoy these super fun bonuses...

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Bonus 1 - Spiritual Money Truths

  • An inspiring and fun list of wealth tips from celebrated money teachers.

  • Use them as screen savers or as a desktop background for daily inspiration.

Bonus 2 - Universal Checks

  • Beautiful checks for daily play on a PDF.

  • Fill them out and use them over and over again for inspiration.

  • Place them on your desktop, or print them.

Bonus 3 - Daily Ritual

  • The Daily Ritual Checklists in the form of beautiful images for your desktop.

  • Enhance your personal link to prosperity with the Daily Invocation or customize it with your personal heartfelt connection to spirituality.

  • Welcome in all possibilities of abundance with the Releasing & Clearing Invocation.

Bonus 4 - The Brainstormer

  • Exciting ideas on how to splurge when you've got loads of cash, sparking your creativity.

  • Fun tips on how to spread your riches around.

  • Make the most of your wealth!

 And....The Master Your Money System 

A done-for-you Excel spreadsheet...

  • If you want to take control of your money NOW, this tracker is your go-to solution for a powerfully simple approach. This the SAME tracker I use with my family. 

  • Quickly organize your budget over a weekend.

  • Effortlessly handle and become a pro with your finances, just spending 10 minutes a WEEK!




I just read the materials and I was literally in awe of how much work and thought you put into it.

It's truly phenomenal!

City View


Already playing it and I'm having so much fun with it! It feels joyful and expansive! Thank you!



It's F*CKING awesome!!!!

I can't believe how much work you've put into it!!!


So awesome!!!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the purpose of the SuperKit?

The SuperKit is a highly customizable abundance visualization game.

It will inspire and guide you with your real money management, and expand your money vision and daily abundance.

What makes this different from other Law of Attraction money games or programs?

This is the ONLY program of its kind.

It gives you customizable spreadsheets, hands-on practical processes, exercises and steps, charged with real-life flow and inspiration. ​

It's surprisingly affordable too with a one-time payment (no need for subscriptions or other expensive monthly payments).

How does this Game work?

It's a mindset and action-based exercise you play for 5-15 minutes a day.

It fuels your natural desire to live and align with life in a way that is meaningful for you. 

Use the worksheets for your own money management , and cross the game into real life.


Changing mindset and habits can be challenging. The journey towards attracting money, building wealth, and optimizing our lives, helps to change us into that future person with this new perspective.

Why is it so inexpensive?

At Joyful Life, we believe in making our offerings accessible and affordable. For less than dinner out for two, you'll have the SuperKit for life!


Try The Prosperity Game SuperKit for a full 30-days, 100% risk-free.

If you don't absolutely love it, send us an email at at any time during the  30 days and we'll refund 100% of your money.

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Get Instant Access Today

The Prosperity Game SuperKit

The Master Prosperity Game 
8 Super Focused Tracker Sheets
Master My Money

The Prosperity Game Playbook eBook
Spiritual Money Truths
Universal Cheques 
The Daily Ritual
The Brainstormer
Master Your Money eBook


Value $250


Only $47 until June 30


About PK Davies


P.K. Davies is a multiple award winning author who creates manifesting tools that bring LOA concepts to life. 

She is the founder of Joyful Life Mastery, and manifesting and uplifting book imprints under Joyful Life Press.

P.K. Davies is British-born and lives in Canada with her family. 

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